CK Mafutha Profile

As a bulk fuel supplier, CK Mafutha source, supply and deliver a range of liquid petroleum products to various fuel markets such as Mining, Transport and Agricultural Sectors.

Our range of liquid fuel products include:

Amongst our key customers is a Mining company in the Western Cape mining phosphate deposit. We are currently supplying them with all their liquid fuel requirements. We also supply marine bunker fuels to the customers in the shipping industry for their Tugs and Salvage Vessels.

To ensure security of fuel supply and reliable delivery even under very challenging circumstances, CK Mafutha enjoys well established business relationships with a number of strategic partners that play pivotal role in the fuel value chain.

These partners include:

Owing to the combination of our petroleum products offering, fuel markets and strategic partners, we are uniquely positioned to meet the petroleum demands of industrial, commercial, agricultural and transport applications across a broad-based market sector.